For Developers

What do we do for property developers?

Positive OCM provides a service to developers and consultants to assist in a number of areas of importance.

  • Providing guidance on a suitable Owners Corporation structure
  • Advising on rules
  • Assisting in obtaining competitive insurance quotations, essential services compliance, Occupational Health & Safety, waste management and common area maintenance
  • Preparing a budget that is realistic, yet suitable for marketing purposes
  • Obtaining copies of Certificate of Occupancy and a Registered Plan of Subdivision
  • Ensuring that building and public liability insurance has been effected
  • Preparing Owners Corporation Certificates in accordance with Owners Corporation Act 2006
  • Conducting the  Inaugural General Meeting
  • Establishing books and records
  • Opening a bank account
  • Distributing fee notices and Minutes of Meeting
  • Attending to registration of ABN and TFN (where applicable)